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Commitment to Community: A respected consumer

Responsible Winery Initiative

Modern wineries have a responsibility to wine drinkers, the broader community and their own staff that goes beyond producing great wine and contributing to the prosperity of their local regions. 

As producers of alcohol, they have a role to play in ensuring that Australians are encouraged and assisted to drink wine in moderation. Central to that is providing information and experiences that allow consumers to make informed purchase and drinking choices. 

The Responsible Winery Initiative involves nine simple but significant actions.  All are in line with a modern, international approach to corporate social responsibility and with consumer expectations.

Importantly, all have been developed in consultation with the industry. Our aim was to create a package that is comprehensive but not onerous and which takes into account the practical realities of running a wine business today. 

We encourage you to come on board to help make a statement about what our industry stands for.

"The nine actions set out in this website provide a framework for all wine businesses to make a difference through the two main ways in which they engage with consumers: at their cellar doors and through their advertising and marketing activities."