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The following sets out all the content available in the Wine Tourism Toolkit, including web pages and PDF or Word documents.

Printable Index


Is tourism for me?

Wine and tourism

       PDF Harnessing the tourism potential of wine and food in Australia

Working with others   

       PDF Tourism product pricing

       PDF Why pay commissions?
       PDF Tour Operator Selection Checklist    

      Cross-promotional opportunities

      Tourism organisation services 

Do your homework

       PDF Competitor analysis template

       PDF Collecting visitor data

Products and services      

    Cellar door experience

        PDF External facilities checklist

        PDF Internal facilities checklist     

  Wine and tasting options 

        PDF The tasting experience       

  Tours and interpretation      


        PDF Stories from Front of House   


        Are events for me? 

        Measuring success

        PDF Event planning checklist

Business and Marketing Plan 

        Word Business & Marketing Plan template

Compliance and licensing

    Liquor licensing

         Liquor licence options

         State requirements

         Practical challenges

         Potential for civil liability

         Steps to minimise risk

         Ongoing issues

  Occupiers' liability

         Steps to take

         Case examples

Risk management

         PDF Risk management steps

         Word Strategic risk assessment template



Your brand and story

      PDF Developing your theme

      PDF Writing your theme template

Marketing and communications      




      Social media      

      Working with the media      


Customer service

      PDF Cellar door customer service standards

      PDF Customer information checklist


      PDF Merchandising checklist

      PDF Merchandising plan

Wine clubs

Direct marketing

      PDF Developing your database

      Collecting information: Legal issues


Cellar Door Manual

Customers and complaints

      Word Complaint form template