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The role of cellar door in most wine businesses is to generate improved revenues, build customer relationships and add value to a brand through the vineyard and winery experience.

One of the keys to operating a successful cellar door facility is understanding the business you're in. Unlike the production and distribution functions of your business, the cellar door requires an entirely different approach, because you're now part of the tourism and hospitality industry.

This section looks at the issues you need to consider if looking to develop a (greater) wine tourism presence.

1. Is tourism for me?

2. Wine and tourism

3. Do your homework

4. Products and services
      Cellar door experience
      Wine and tasting options 
      Tours and interpretation

5. Working with others            
      Cross-promotional opportunities    
      Tourism organisation services  

6. Business and Marketing Plan 

7. Compliance and licensing
      Liquor licensing
      Occupiers' liability

8. Risk management


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